• Image of Airbrush Beginner Kit

System includes -Assassin Airbrush, DA300RAir Compressor, 6' Air Hose, 2-oz Bottles of Premium Artist Paint in Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White and Back to Basics airbrush dvd, 2-0z airbrush bottle.

• Everything you need to get started airbrushing on T-shirts, Art & Crafts Projects & more.• Assassin Airbrush Gravity Feed Airbrush• DA300R Maintenance Free Air Compressor with Automatic On/Off Shutoff, Air Regulator w/Gauge• 6 Primary Most Popular Airbrush Paint Colors (Black,Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White)• Back to Basics airbrush dvd, 2-0z airbrush bottle• 2 Year Warranty on all Compressors and a 2 Year Warranty on your Assassin Airbrush. Great for students!
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